Enviromania – Forest School

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Tamar Valley Preschool meets at Enviromania on the Calstock Community Primary School Site. For children who are considering following up to Calstock Primary School, spending two mornings at the school each week in the school grounds provides huge benefits for their transition to primary school.

Our focus here is outdoor learning. The site has a wealth of opportunities for children to learn about the natural world, develop ‘bushcraft’ skills and enjoy the numerous benefits of being outdoors.

However, we are not entirely mad, and of course, have a lovely warm wooden hut (with heater!), and full of activities for the children to enjoy should we decide for whatever reason we need to go indoors. But – rain does not usually stop us – and children often go home rather muddy – you’ve been warned!

Over many years, the Preschool and Primary school have worked together to enable the Enviromania children to spend time in class one for many weeks during the summer term to get ready for the transition.

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